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IHG Voco Hotel

IHG Voco Hotel
St John's, Solihull

Interior and FFE design and procurement services for InterContinental Hotels Group ‘voco’ refurbishment.
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Knatchbull Road

Contemporary 3 storey detached property, interiors services in support of JJR Designs and Rocco Homes.
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St. Wilfrid's Hospice

New build Hospice interior design development alongside RH Partnership.
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The Clavadel

Interiors, branding and marketing for The Geoghegan Groups new build, state of the art rehabilitation centre in Guildford.
Fitzalan Road

Fitzalan Road

Contextual 3D visualisation commission from Arundel Town Council to support planning objection.


we think of ourselves as being a little bit different.

but, doesn't everyone say that?

this is usually the bit where people give you a load of flannel about how great they are, how they're going to change your world and how, now that you've found them, things will never be the same again.

us? we just think we're pretty good at what we do.....

interior design

If you need a little bit of a steer or something more involved, full consultancy RIBA/BIID staging and procurement support available. Noice.

architectural services

Residential, commercial, hospitality and healthcare specialist services, both in house and alongside some rather lovely partner studios.

visual development

3D Visualisations, verifiable imagery, branding consultancy, print, publications, digital media development and co-ordination.

some fun stuff

Art, furniture, merchandise, framing, tea, shoulder to cry on.

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